Welcome to Louisville, Your New Home

Welcome to Louisville, Your New Home

Whether you’re thinking about moving to Louisville or you’re already here, below are some great reasons to love our city!

  1. Louisville is a livable community: ranked Top 10 beer city, pet city, green city, college city by Livibility.com
  2. Louisville is a true arts community: home to the Fund for the Arts (the oldest united arts fund in the country) and a large arts community including orchestra, performing arts, opera, ballet and numerous museums.
  3. Louisville is the city of parks: home to one of the largest urban parks systems in the nation, designed by famed architect Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed Central Park in New York City. Click here to find a park near you.
  4. Louisville is focused on building sustainable neighborhoods, like NuLu, one of 8 communities in the nation to receive a grant from EPA Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program. Click here to find your neighborhood.
  5. Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby, the greatest 2 minutes in sports, held annually at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May. This is one of the events you MUST do in your lifetime (add it to your bucket list) and now that you live here, everyone will want to come visit!
  6. Louisville is a foodie town: Love food? Then Louisville is your town, with one of the nation’s best local restaurant scenes.
  7. Louisville is supporter of local businesses that “Keep Louisville Weird” and set us apart from “any town” USA
  8. Louisville is a biker-friendly community with a vast network of bike trails called the Louisville Loop and the only underground bike park, MegaBike, in the world!
  9. Louisville is the gateway to bourbon country: Bourbon once known as an “old man’s” drink is quickly becoming a hip and trendy spirit and Kentucky is where it’s at (Literally). Enjoy an evening on the urban bourbon trail or a weekend on Kentucky’s bourbon trail.
  10. Louisville’s awesome Startup culture: Emerging Startup community, multiple accelerator programs, access to local leadership, relatively low cost of living, and cool co-working spaces like theVille, which was recently mentioned in Forbes. Pretty awesome, right?

Looking for something to do? Check out our event calendar for a listing of local events. Looking for ways to connect to the community? Check out our connect page. Looking for a place to live? Check out our neighborhood page.

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