The ultimate urban living with residential lofts, restaurants, entertainment venues, & museums, all within walking distance in the heart of the city. More info

The Highlands

Neighborhood that takes pride in its eclectic mix of local businesses that “keep Louisville weird”. More info

Old Louisville

Neighborhood known for its large population of Victorian homes, located just south of downtown, adjacent to the University of Louisville. More info

Nulu (East Market) District

Trendy artist neighborhood with a mix of galleries, local retail and original restaurants located just east of downtown and on the ZeroBus TARC route. More info


Neighborhood know for its large collection of shotgun houses, located three miles southeast of downtown. Similar to the Highlands, it offers an eclectic mix of local businesses with a small town feel. More info

Clifton/Crescent Hill

Neighborhood located just east of NuLu and minutes from downtown. Historic Frankfort Ave runs through the heart of this community and is lined with a mix of local restaurants, coffee shops, and antique stores. More info

St. Matthews

Neighborhood located 8 miles east of downtown, adjacent to the Clifton/Crescent Hill neighborhood.  Louisville’s largest shopping area, with 2 malls and several large chain stores located on the main artery Shelbyville Road. More info


Norton Commons

A planned urban residential area emphasizing walkability and neighborly harmony. Dropped into the outskirts of a small development in the Eastern part of the Jefferson County, Norton Commons is essentially a self-contained community. More info



Oldest neighborhood in Louisville, located adjacent to the Falls of the Ohio, just northwest of downtown.  This artist community is on the brink of a revitalization movement.


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