Clifton/Crescent Hill

We know how it goes: you’re starting a family, so you don’t want to live downtown, but moving to a cookie cutter house in the ‘burbs feels stifling. Clifton/Crescent Hill is your perfect medium. Just east of downtown and the NuLu district, Clifton/Crescent Hill features both old homes and new construction, large, sprawling houses and small starter homes, luxurious loft condos and small apartments above residential garages. Anything you’re looking for in a home can likely be found in Clifton/Crescent Hill. The jewel in this neighborhood’s crown is the Frankfort Avenue corridor, a pleasantly walkable strip bursting with local curiosity shops featuring fair-trade wares, restaurants, and nightlife. From upscale salons and boutiques to hipster-friendly locally owned coffee shops, the stretch truly has something for everyone. However, even with such activity, residential streets are often pin-drop quiet and peaceful, with low crime, outgoing neighbors and kid-friendly playgrounds and parks scattered throughout the area. Grocery and retail options are plentiful in the area, giving the neighborhood a massive advantage over those closer to the downtown area.

Perfect for

  • Young couples
  • Families with kids
  • Pets
  • Retirees
  • Work-at-home professionals
  • People who love taking walks at night


The Trade-off

Convenience, accessibility, and idyllic settings come at a price, and Clifton/Crescent Hill is one of the pricier neighborhoods in the area (though not the most expensive, by far).


Every Halloween, residents on Crescent Hill’s Hillcrest Avenue dazzle onlookers with over-the-top spectacular decoration and light displays. Walking the mile-or-so down-and-back street is a perfect way to spend a crisp, fall evening with your love or family, and residents often collect donations of canned goods or other supplies for needy families during the season.

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