Norton Commons

Remember that time we called Germantown the second most polarizing neighborhood in Louisville? That’s only because Norton Commons is the first. The idea is simple - admirable, even: a perfectly planned urban residential area emphasizing walkability and neighborly harmony. Beautifully adorned homes sit alongside locally owned businesses for a small-town feel that speaks to the hometown in all of us. It’s meant to scream “Mayberry,” but some critics call it a bit more “Stepford.” Despite opinions, there’s no denying the appeal of the neighborhood. Dropped into the outskirts of a small development in the Eastern part of the county, Norton Commons is essentially a self-contained community with homes, bars, restaurants, doctors, veterinarians, beauty shops, coffee shops, grocery, and much more essentially just across the street. With patios pushed right out to the sidewalk, residential homes are designed to promote interaction between neighbors, and the result is a storybook-worthy urban center straight out of Pleasantville - with an edge. The quality of the restaurants and businesses popping up in this secluded neighborhood attract patrons from all over Louisville. Very few rental opportunities exist in Norton Commons, but single family homes are nearly always available - with more in construction.

Perfect for

  • Young families and professionals
  • Kids
  • Pets
  • People who love to entertain
  • People who work in the East End


The Trade-off

Norton Commons has earned - among its detractors - a reputation as being an exclusive, affluent neighborhood secluded in the sterile environment of the East End and sheltered from the inconvenience of “real” urban living: you will find no or few homeless people, stray animals, disheveled parks or crumbling buildings. Most critics simply say the neighborhood is “too manufactured,” but then again, that’s where the appeal lies for some.

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