Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Do you have new employees that are new to Louisville and need help connecting to the community?  Are you looking for a new and interesting way to engage a group of people?  We can help.  You can choose from packages we’ve already designed with you in mind or we can build a Louisville experience just for your group.

New Hire Orientation Program

New2Lou will acquaint  your new hires with Louisville and surrounding areas with Louisville orientations and social learning events. All of these activities will be complemented with local products and companies to connect them with their local community.

Consider this!

  • Employee engagement

  • Employee appreciation

  • First great impression of Louisville and your company

  • Improved employee productivity

  • Reduced Turnover – Increased Retention

Private Group Engagement

Choose from any of our existing social learning events like New2Bourbon, New2HorseRacing, New2LocalFood, or we can build a uniquely Louisville Experience just for your group.

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