St Matthews

Venture far enough East on your Frankfort Avenue adventures, and you’ll run smack into the St. Matthews neighborhood. Arguably the retail epicenter of Louisville, St. Matthews boasts two massive shopping malls, an impressive range of restaurants, and all the retail outlets you could ever ask for. Primarily populated with young professional couples with children, St. Matthews residential areas shout “SUBURB,” but with every amenity just a block or two away, they certainly don’t feel like the ‘burbs. Low crime and accessible retail make St. Matthews an obvious choice for families.

Perfect for

  • Families with kids
  • Pets
  • That first home after your starter home
  • People who work in the East End


The Trade-off

What St. Matthews boasts in convenience, it lacks in character. You will find very few locally owned businesses, but every chain restaurant you’d ever want. The neighborhood and commerce centers are infamously un-walkable, leading to major traffic congestion at just about every hour of the day.


The St. Matthews Farmer’s Market is one of the best in the city. Try the breakfast burritos; you won’t regret it.

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