Just What You Need, Southern Hospitality

Just What You Need, Southern Hospitality

What is New2lou?

New2Lou is a social organization designed as a resource for transplants to Louisville, who are looking to meet people, try new places and connect to the community. New2Lou hosts events at local restaurants and bars, to give people an opportunity to mingle and meet other newcomers, as well as locals who can provide insiders’ information to make the transition to Louisville a smooth one. In addition, New2Lou provides an online community where we actively post community news, information about upcoming events, and insiders’ tips that is invaluable to people new to the city.

Who is New2Lou?

New2Lou members are people just like us that relocated to Louisville. Everyone has a unique story about where they came from and what brought them here, but all are looking to meet new people. Where did you relocate from and how long have you been here are common questions. So common, we include them on our nametags, along with our names of course.

What’s our story? We relocated to Louisville from Seattle in 2007 with no ties, no friends, and no family. We both grew up on the west coast and moved around a lot looking for a city to call home. Who knew it would end up being Louisville? Two years later, we realized there were a lot of folks just like us that were also new to Louisville, looking for ways to connect to the each other and to the community. So in December 2009, we founded New2Lou and hosted our first social. We love meeting new people, hearing about their story, and helping make connections. That is why it is our mission to connect new people in a social environment and support their transition to Louisville. Want to know more about our story? Check out our article in Louisville.com

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