Louisville Boat and RV Show

Louisville Boat and RV Show

Today we got a chance to tour the Louisville Boat and RV Show and let me tell you, it’s pretty cool.  There’s a little something for everyone.  I know what you’re thinking, we’re really not the demographic, but why aren’t we? Younger folks love to travel and often times have a limited budget. So you know what that means….road trip!

My husband and I have plenty of experience on the road. We’ve traveled across the country in our car, you know, the way we used when we were kids. And there is certainly something nostalgic about it. It forces us to slow down and take time to see the areas we would typically fly over. The more trips we lock under our belt, the more modifications we want to make the trip more comfortable, livable and well you know, fun. For us, the Louisville Boat and RV Show  is a  great way to get ideas for our own travels as well as meet folks who love to road trip as much as we do.

Enough about us, what’s your road trip story? Any tips for preferred travel routes, ways to save gas, fun car games, music selections. We want to hear from you! And now that you’ve caught the travel bug, head on down the Louisville Boat and RV Show (now - January 26th) so you can start planning your American trip. And don’t forget to follow @LouBoatRVShow and share your pics, tweets and posts by using the hashtag #LouBoatRvShow Save Travels!

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