Mercury Ballroom Social Pics!

Mercury Ballroom Social Pics!

Thanks for joining us at our June 2nd Wednesday Social at the Mercury Ballroom!  It was a ton of fun and below are some photos to prove it.  The rest are posted on the New2Lou Flickr page and New2Lou Facebook Page, which you should join and share your photos! A big thanks to our host the Mercury Ballroom; be sure to stop by and check out a concert in the near future! They have a bunch of great musicians in the pipeline.

And a huge thanks to our sponsors the Louisville Downtown Partnership and host the Mercury Ballroom, who sponsored our door prizes this month: 1) Mercury Ballroom t-shirt, 2) New2Lou t-shirt and koozies, and 3) Mercury Ballroom concert tickets!  Congrats to our lucky winners below!


Finally, mark your calendar for our October 2nd Wed Social on Wednesday (10/8)! We’ll be posting more details soon, so stay tuned…





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