Local Love this V-Day

Valentine’s Day is this week! Are you prepared? Whether you’re planning a romantic night out with your love or a fun night out with your BFF, you should be prepared for the occasion. A gift, large or small, will let your someone special know just how special they are to you. And what’s better than a gift made with love right here in Kentucky.

It might be tough to pick from all our great local options (lucky for us, right?), so we’re here to help. We’ve handpicked the best local gifts in Lou, just for you who are New2Lou. Happy Valentine’s Day and we’ll see you at our New2Lou “Get Your Grind On” Social Wednesday (2/10)! FREE w/ RSVP

Pickwick & Co Leather, Tobacco, and Woods candle - Alchemy

Seriously, this is candle is all kinds of manly. It makes your house smell like your grandfather’s den and will conjure up all sorts of great childhood memories. And the best news? Even the ladies dig it. Best of both worlds. And you best stock up, because sadly Alchemy is closing their doors in March

Bless Her Heart T-shirt - Bourbon Built

The perfect shirt for that Southern gal in your life. Louisville is full of Southern charm and this shirt will give your gal a little southern swagger. Single? Grab this sweet “Bourbon is my Boyfriend” T. You know you want it.

USA Bourbon Drinking Team T-Shirt - Kentucky For Kentucky

Who doesn’t want to be on the USA bourbon drinking team, right? And these Kentucky For Kentucky gents create the coolest stuff, seriously. Even Louisvillian J-Law was seen rockin their Kentucky KicksAss shirt. So even more reason you, your friends and your loved ones should be rockin it too.

Sugar for you Sugar - Please and Thank You

So you know Please and Thank You has the best chocolate cookies in town, right? Pair these with flowers and a sweet mix tape and you’ll be lookin like a rock star. You can arrange to pick this gift or have them hand deliver the goods for extra points.

Small Batch Bourbon Truffles - Art Eatables

You had me at Chocolate, right? Pair it with some fine bourbon and you’ll hit a home run. You can get these bad boys with any of your favorite Kentucky Bourbon Trail bourbons. They were recently on Martha Stewart’s swoon list and are going to Grammy’s, so word of advise, pick up a box for yourself, they’re that good. And nobody wants to share this sweet goodness, trust us.

Kentucky State Necklace - Regalo

Show your Kentucky love with this adorable Kentucky state necklace. But beware, there are a ton of other great local jewelry options at Regalo so be prepared to walk out for a couple extra goodies for yourself. And you totally deserve it.

Local Art - Revelry Gallery

Pick up some great local art for the art-lover in your life. Revelry Gallery in NuLu features local artists year-round and is the perfect place to find that one-of-a-kind gift. Be sure to check out the “Cutetopia” gallery full of lots of “cute” art from local artist.


No one will turn down this sweet nector from the Gods. Bourbon is trending all over the world and we’re so lucky to live right here in Bourbon Country. We have access to more varieties of bourbon than anyone in the world so be sure to take advantage and try everything. A great place to sample bourbons by the glass is Taste Fine Wines and Bourbons in NuLu and it’s super romantic too (wink).

Bourbon & Bad Decisions Flask - Bourbon Built

What goes better with bourbon than a sweet flask? Add leather and stamp it with “Bourbon & Bad Decisions” and you’re golden. Everyone, ladies and gents, needs one of these, seriously.


Are we missing something? Shoot us a comment below. We’d love to know more about your local love.